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Professional Lighting Installation and Lighting Repairs

United Electric Services has got you covered

United Electric Services is your trusted source for professional lighting installation and repair. With a commitment to excellence and safety, our certified electricians have been serving the region, delivering top-quality residential lighting solutions.

We Are Lighting Design Experts

Our team goes beyond standard lighting services; we’re lighting design experts. When you choose United Electric Services, you’re not just getting a simple installation. We create a complete lighting design plan tailored to your needs while considering color, scale, texture, and precise fixture placement. We aim to enhance your home’s aesthetics, comfort, and market value.

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United Electric Services can help

Our Comprehensive Lighting Services

As the premier lighting expert, you can trust United Electric Services for all your lighting needs. We offer the following services:

  • Lighting Repairs: Our technicians can expertly repair lighting fixtures, including bulbs, sockets, wires, junction boxes, and more. Whether your light is flickering, dimming, or experiencing electrical issues, we can fix it. Safety is our priority, and we promptly address issues like burnt outlets and frayed wires.
  • Lighting Installation: We specialize in installing lighting for various purposes. Based on your preferences and room dimensions, we can create lighting that enhances your home’s mood and comfort. We know which lights work best for bedrooms, bathrooms, reading nooks, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Whether you need warm, calming colors or functional kitchen lighting, we offer complete services.
  • Interior Lighting Services: Our interior lighting options include kitchen and bathroom lighting, LED lighting, accent lighting, recessed lighting, lighting controls, dimmers, timers, chandeliers, and ceiling fans. We ensure that your interior spaces are well-lit and visually appealing.
  • Exterior Lighting Services: We install the right outdoor lighting to enhance your home’s curb appeal, safety, and security. Our services include flood lights, motion-activated lights, spotlights, architectural lighting, outdoor electrical panels, circuit breakers, and outdoor-rated lights.

What Does Our Lighting Installation Entail?

When we install lighting, we start by identifying your specific requirements. Our team designs a lighting scheme, selects the appropriate equipment, and completes the installation. We meticulously check each fitting and test the lighting system to ensure it works flawlessly.

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Why Trust Our Professionals?

United Electric Services is all you need

Lighting installation and repairs often involve connecting and replacing wiring, which can be dangerous without electrical experience. Trust the professionals at United Electric Services to handle your lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.

For high-quality interior and exterior lighting solutions, turn to United Electric Services. We offer competitive financing options and are available 24/7 for lighting repairs.

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