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What would life be like without electricity? Perhaps you have caught yourself thinking about it, right? This is why all electrical services must be rendered with utmost caution. You’ve come to the right place if you desire a top-rated electric repair company.

Welcome to United Electric Services, the go-to experts for electrical repairs in Altadena, CA. We specialize in all electrical services, including electrical panel upgrades and repairs. Our goal has always been to ensure that your home’s electrical system can handle all the demands of modern living.

Only a few things scream danger, like an outdated, faulty, or overloaded electrical panel. It’s a ticking time bomb posing a grave threat to your safety. Telltale signs like flickering lights, tripping breakers, and sporadic buzzing sound aren’t just “one of those electrical problems.” Those signs are your electrical panel begging for immediate help.

At United Electric Services, we understand the importance of a reliable electrical system that is safe and up to par with the latest technology trends. With our modern electrical panel upgrade, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your home is safe. But safety isn’t all the icing there is to this cake. 

You’ll also enjoy consistent power for all your appliances, even when running multiple devices simultaneously. No more turning one off so the other can work better.

Our experienced Altadena electricians are always eager to assess your electrical needs and recommend the best upgrade solution to keep your home powered and safe for years. Electricity isn’t to be trifled with, so when looking for a repair electrician near you, look no further than us.

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What is an electricity panel anyway? And why is it so important?

If the heart is the life pump of your circulatory system, your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Yeah, it’s that crucial. Sometimes, it’s called a breaker panel, distribution board, or service panel. Either way, it is the control center for all the electricity flowing through your property. 

Let’s walk through the “How”. How exactly does an electrical panel work?

Distributes electricity: The main electrical supply line from the utility company enters your panel. This incoming power is divided into smaller circuits that branch out to power outlets, appliances, and lights throughout your home. Without your panel acting as a conductor, there will be power overload, increased risk of electrocution, and possible fire outbreak. 

Circuit protection: Each circuit within your electrical panel has a circuit breaker. Circuit breakers act like tiny switches that automatically shut off power to a specific circuit if it becomes overloaded or experiences a short circuit. This prevents electrical fires and damage to your appliances.

Main shutoff: Ever wondered what will happen during an emergency? How do you completely turn off the power? Your electrical panel is how. It has a main breaker that controls the entire electrical system in your house. This switch can completely cut off power in an emergency or during maintenance work.

When you contact us for your home electrical repair services in Altadena, CA, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to ensure your electrical panel is better than new.

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Home Electrical Panel Upgrade Altadena, CA

Enhance Safety and Efficiency: Home Electrical Panel Upgrades in Altadena, CA

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The next question you might have is: Now that I know how it works, how do I know when it’s no longer working as usual?

When your electrical panel needs repair, many signs start to show. Here are some you can be on the lookout for.

Flickering lights: Have you ever used multiple appliances and experienced random dimming or flickering lights? Contact us immediately. Sudden, repeated flickering lights could indicate an overloaded circuit or a failing panel.

Tripping breakers: Circuit breakers are designed to trip and cut power when a circuit overloads. Frequent tripping suggests your panel can’t handle the current demands.

Outdated fuses: Older homes might still have fuse boxes instead of breaker panels. Fuses are less sophisticated and can be a fire hazard if not replaced with modern breakers. Do not worry; at United Electrical, we have just the right upgrade for every home.

Limited capacity: Modern appliances like dishwashers, clothes dryers, and electric car chargers require significant power. If your panel was installed decades ago, it might not be able to handle these additional demands. In other words, if you notice that when you connect multiple high-consumption devices, one or two keep tripping off, send for an electrical service repair immediately!

Burning smell or hot panel: This should be an immediate deal breaker. Delays when you notice this sign are particularly dangerous. Contact us right away.

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Speed is as important as efficiency when it comes to electrical services. You can rest assured that we respond and fix the problem—no matter how complex—promptly. Do you need any electrical upgrades or repairs? Get started with us now!

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